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We have worked in the “green” industry for as long as we can remember and there is no question, WE are the lawn care experts around these parts. You won’t find anyone in the Okanagan with more knowledge and experience in treating residential turf. We have worked for, managed, or ran some of the bigger known ‘national’ lawn care brands in the Okanagan Valley. In fact, WE are the guys who trained the guys working for them! Seriously. No joke. We bring everything we’ve learned with us and promise you the very best lawn care service available at the absolute best price. The quality of our lawns and our customer’s satisfaction with having the best looking & healthiest lawn on the block is truly our calling card.

Lawn Packages

All prices are starting minimum amounts. Contact us for a FREE quote!e!
  • Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control $282

    Our season long turf health program creates & maintains a lush, green weed-free lawn from early spring right through to late fall. Our program brings the latest in golf & sports turf fertilizer technology direct to your backyard, applied by our knowledgeable, trained & licensed turf care professionals.

  • Power Raking $100

    We groom, rake out and remove all the brown winter-kill grass from the lawn's surface. Spring power raking removes winter's crust and will help lessen the likelihood of Snow Mold. We rake up, load up & haul away all the debris leaving your lawn tidy & ready for spring!

  • Lawn Core Aeration $75

    Promote deep & vigorous root growth, reduces damaging soil compaction and control thatch build-up with annual aeration. Spring or Fall, at least once a year, aeration is one of the most important parts of a healthy lawn routine.

  • Overseeding with Aeration $195

    Rejuvenate your tired old lawn with the introduction of new seed + all the benefits of Core Aeration. Overseeding once a year combined with regular aeration will produce a thick, healthy lawn.

  • Lawn Topdressing $159

    Organic, nutrient-rich compost spread evenly over the surface of the lawn. Topdressing helps improve the results of Overseeding while also improving soil content for a healthier, greener lawn.